Luxury Toy Car

Sheer driving pleasure for your little ones

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Cost $50/day for Luxury Toy Car Rental includes:

  • Toy Car (Fully Charged)

  • Remote control (for adults)

  • Charger

  • Self-collection & self-return

  • Enjoy free delivery and collection with any of our all-inclusive packages


Specifications for Battery Operated Luxury Toy Car:

  • 1.2 m(L) x 0.6 m(W) x 0.5 m(H)

  • Fits into the rear car seat comfortably when positioned side ways for transportation

  • Accomodates 1 child at a time

  • Suitable for children below the age of 4 yrs old

  • Car comes with accelerator and seat belt

  • Foward and bckward manoeuvre function

  • Adults can control the car with the controller if child is too young

  • If the engine stalls, switch off and allow it to rest for 1-2 minutes before restarting.

  • Fully charged battery can last at least 4 hrs.

  • Charger needs to be removed for the car to funtion. Car does not start with the charger attached.

  • Adult supervision is mandatory to ensure safety

What do you need to provide on your own?

  • A flat space for the children to manoeuvre the car.

  • A powerpoint nearby in the event that the car requires charging.


Where to collect and return the Luxury Toy Car?

  • During self-collection, the Luxury Toy Car will be tested and all necessary procedures will be explained in detail.

  • Collection address @ Siglap will be given in the invoice upon confirmation.


What is the mode of payment?

  • Payment in full upon collection in Cash only in order to keep prices low

  • Do not accept Credit Card nor NETS

  • $300 Refundable deposit applicable


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